Qasim is a fictional character created to help improve local government service delivery and increase
citizen participation in decision-making in the provinces of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab. Using the
innovative approach of entertainment-education,

Qasim’s fictional stories purposefully use the medium of entertainment to educate audiences about key
issues and bring about positive behaviour change.

Qasim’s stories will help local government representatives – particularly councillors – build their
knowledge and understanding of local government affairs and learn how best to handle their roles and

Qasim helps resolve a farmer’s water woes!

Watch as Qasim takes Imran to a council meeting to resolve his water woes.

Qasim and the LCA

Watch how Qasim teams up with LCA to solve issues of his town.

Where can you find Qasim ?

Qasim is active on all major social media platforms. You can follow Qasim and his adventures on his
Facebook, Instagram and twitter account.

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