Training Session on “Mode of Elections & Functions of Councils in KPK LG Act 2019“

LCAKP has organized a workshop on the 14th of June 2021 for Women and Minority members to understand the Methods of Elections, Structure & Functions of Councils, Roles & Responsibilities of Councilors, mentioned in the KPK Local Government (Amended) Act,2019.

Mr Israr Ullah Khan (Former General Secretary and Current Advisor of LCAKP) has delivered this workshop as an Expert for the Local Government. Starting with the background of LCAKP, he highlighted the achievements that LCAKP has made so far. He threw light on the importance of Local Government and gave hope for elections to be held very soon. For our councillor’s clarity, he started the session with the composition of Local Government and Functions of local councils mentioned in the act. He discussed the number of seats allotted to different members and the procedure of election mentioned in the LG Act 2019. Mr Israr has not only explained the facts and figures mentioned in the law but, also discussed a number of challenges faced by women and minorities during their last tenure. He mentioned that being a part of the Local Government, he is well aware of all the problems, therefore, he suggested quality solutions to councillors to overcome those problems in coming elections and the new Local Government era.

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