Session on Management Functions of LCAKP

A meeting was called upon by the president of local council association Mr. Himayatullah Khan on May 09 2018 at Shelton greens hotel Peshawar. All the board of governor’s members was invited via formal invitations. In the absence of president LCA KP, Mr. Ahmad Ali shah (convener) LCA KP was chairing the meeting. The main points discussed in the meeting are as follows.

  1. The meeting started with the recitation of Quran. Mr. Mohammad Altaf, district Nazim Mansehra did the honors.
  2. Convener Mr.Ahmad Ali Shah opened the agenda to the participants and formally started the meeting.
  3. Resource person Mr. Anwar Hussain from LCAP welcomed the participants and discussed the strategic planning and explained the objectives of the meeting.
  4. The name of the association has been changed from LCA NWFP to LCA Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa and it has been agreed that in registration renewal LCA Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa shall be used.
  5. BOG members demanded the LCA membership cards for the district executive committee members.
  6. It was unanimously recommended and approved by the BOG members that Mr Sahibzada Fasihullah is Senior Vice President of the Local councils association of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and requested the election commissioner for the formal notification.
  7. BOG members proposed formal training for the members of district executive members and requested ,if possible , offices shall be established for district executive committees.
  8. It was requested from the Board members that coordination between district executive committees shall be ensured for better performance of these committees.
  9. Mr. Anwar hussain informed the members about the financial system of LCAP, and advised the LCA KP members to develop financial system just like LCAP.
  10. The board members requested the organizers to arrange next meeting in some other place than Peshawar, most preferably some hill station.
  11. Mr. Mohammad Rasool Khan (District Nazim Lower Dir) has been appointed as internal auditor for LCA KP, whereas external auditors will be decided by the members of executive committee.
  12. The expense sheet of LCA KP will be approved and signed by the president LCA KP
  13. The BOG suggested that the executive committee must be called upon once a month, but in case of emergency the convener can summon the meeting anytime.
  14. If a board member without application does not attend two consecutive board meeting, his/her membership status shall be considered as terminated.
  15. It was demanded by the female members that one female member shall be a member of executive body, the convener has agreed to put this issue on agenda of next BOG meeting.
  16. The new logo for LCA KP was approved by the board members.
  17. Renewal of the registration of LCA KP along activation of the dormant bank account is the responsibly of information secretary and Coordinator LCA and they shall report the progress in the next BOG meeting.
  18. The board members anonymously passed the resolution in which they thanked European union and GIZ for their support in strengthening the local councils association and local government in Pakistan and specially in KP.
  19. Amendments in the constitution of LCA KP and management policies were anonymously approved by the BOG members.

The Board members were hopeful that with the involvement of European union in the local government of Pakistan will benefit the system in long term and look forward to make full use of this opportunity and take full advantage to work for the strengthening of local government in the province.


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