Review Session on Constitution & Management functions of LCAKP

A meeting was called upon by the President of Local council associations of KP Mr. Himayatullah Khan in which all Executive body members of LCA were invited. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Ahmad Ali (Convener) LCA KP in the absence of Mr. president. All the executive members participated in the meeting and discussed the following points.

  1. Vision and mission statements of LCA KP were proposed and added in the constitution by the executive members for board approval. It was decided that better service delivery of the citizens is the main vision of LCA KP.
  2. Objectives of LCA KP remained unchanged as board members agreed on the existing objectives.
  3. The name of the association has been changed from LCA NWFP to LCA Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa and it has been agreed that in registration renewal LCA Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa shall be used.
  4. In the article V of constitution it was decided by the executive committee that tehsil and town liaison committees shall be terminated as we already have district executive committees; the reason for termination of tehsil liaison committees is lack of resources.
  5. The executive committee recommended that Sahibzada Fasihullah District Nazim Upper Dir, maybe notify as Senior Vice president of LCA KP, as it was decided by the BOG during the elections of the executive committee held on 31st August 2017 at Hotel Shelton Green.
  6. Amendment was made in the article v, clause (8e) of the constitution that if any member of the association loses it basic structure or there is no local government in the province then the members of the association will lose their positions in the association, and interim structures shall be notified by the executive committee/BOG instead of secretariat.
  7. It was proposed by the executive committee that after the new Local government elections in the province, new elections of LCA shall be conducted within 6 months to form new governing bodies
  8. Amendment in the article VIII of the constitution in clause (5) was made which states that board member may be removed from office by a resolution approved by the officers; previously it was offices of the association. And the terminated individual may appear and appeal to the board of governors within 15 days of the removal.
  9. Article VIII clause (6k) had an amendment that Coordinator of the association shall be responsible to implement the decisions made by the board of governors; previously it was the chief executive of the association.
  10. The board of governors shall meet four (4) times per year or whenever requested to meet by the convener, previously it was twice per year.
  11. The article X of the constitution will remain same with changes or amendments proposed.
  12. In article XI, clause (4g) “Selection and Recruitment committee” had an amendment proposed that President and convener  and one member from executive committee and or any expert recommended by President and convener shall be responsible appoint staff, consultants, advisers and others on permanent or contractual basis. They shall develop terms of references and will fix the salaries/remuneration for employees. Previously it was president and Chief executive responsible for these duties.
  13. Article XII had an amendment proposed that the activities of secretariat shall be carried out under the direction of president/convener of the association; previously it was chief executive to perform these tasks.
  14. The coordinator shall be appointed by BOG members under the terms and conditions of service; previously it was chief executive instead of the coordinator.
  15. The president may terminate services of any staff with the consultation of the executive members, in the old constitution these powers were held by chief executive of the association.
  16. Article XIII clause (7) had an amendment that the quorum for any meeting of The General Body shall not be less than one third 51% of the total membership of the general body present, in accordance with ARTICLE VIII, Clause (2).
  17. Article XVII of the constitution had an amendment that the corporate seal shall be in custody of president /convener of the association to officially certify any document issued by the association. Previously it was chief executive instead of the convener.
  18. Contracts, documents or any instruments in writing require signature of the association shall be done by president and his/her absence by one of vice president or in their absence by the convener of the association. Before, it was chief executive instead of the convener.
  19. Article XVIII had an amendment that instead of chief executive, the president shall direct the General Secretary to send mails and other invitations by mail for holding meetings of the Board of governors.
  20. Management function manuals, which included HR, Financial, IT policy, M&E and procurement policies manuals were revised by the executive committee members and unanimously approved them to be presented to board members for their approval.

The executive board members agreed that the board shall meet regularly to discuss the issues and problems faced by association. The board members were on same page that if they want to strengthen the local council associations, they should work together regardless of any political affiliation and support each other for the betterment of the association.


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