Meeting on Territorial Approach to Local Development (TALD)

The meeting was called upon by the president of local council association Mr. Himayatullah Khan on August 02, 2018 at Pearl continental Peshawar. All the board of governor’s members was invited via formal invitations. Mr Haimayat Ullah Khan chaired the meeting. The main points discussed in the meeting are as follows.

  1. The meeting started with the recitation of Holly Quran by Board member Mr Ali Haider.
  2. Mr Anwar Hussain handed over the LCA KP election notification copy to the coordinator so that he can forward it to the executive members
  3. Management policies copies were handed over to Coordinator LCAKP
  4. Strategic Advisor Mr Anwar Hussain asked the executive members to identify two pilot district councils to perform “territorial approach to local development” (TALD) in those 2 councils. It was told by the advisor that after 6 months it will be extended to next 2 councils.
  5. TALD is a policy framework providing the key ingredients to translate decentralization reforms into development outcomes.
  6. The board unanimously agreed to have Mardan and Malakand as pilot councils for the TALD.
  7. The board urges on to activate the dormant bank account on priority bases, the coordinator informed the board about the challenges faced in re activation on bank account.
  8. There shall 2 bank accounts of LCA KP, one exclusively for CLGF activities and other bank account shall be open for other activities of LCA KP.
  9. LCA Punjab will transfer funds to LCA KP exclusive account so that LCA KP can perform their activities on regular basis.
  10. As president LCA KP has resigned from his position as Mayor of Mardan, now it is up to LCA KP to weather change the signatory or not.
  11. Coordinator LCA KP, Sanaullah khan will be added as third signatory in LCA KP bank accounts.
  12. As president of LCA KP has resigned from the position of District Nazim Mardan to contest general elections in Pakistan, According to article VIII of constitution of LCA KP, the current president can work until the board elects new president of the association. The current president is going to file a writ petition in Supreme Court of Pakistan, so till the verdict of the court, he can work as President of LCA KP.
  13. UCLG has arranged an international conference in Indonesia Surabaya, 3 members of LCA KP board are sponsored by GIZ while strategic advisor Mr Anwar has requested 2 names from LCA KP so that he can forward them to UCLG, if they could sponsor them for the event.
  14. The 2 names suggested by board are Miss Sajida Hasrat from Haripur and Mr Shahi Dawran from Swat.
  15. Roles and responsibilities of coordinator LCA KP has been discussed, the TOR of coordinator from EU are clear but board members are asked to create new TOR for coordinator.
  16. Official vehicle which is given to LCA KP by CLGF is only shall be used for official work and coordinator LCA KP is responsible for its safety and maintenance.
  17. A workshop is planned in the month of august with LCA and local government officials.

The Board members are hopeful that with the involvement of European union in the local government of Pakistan, will benefit the system in long term and look forward to make full use of this opportunity and take full advantage to work for the strengthening of local government in the province.


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