International Conference on SDG’s and Executive Bureau Meeting of the UCLG ASPAC Executive Bureau

To highlight and discuss challenges that local government face for Localisation of SDGs, an international conference on “Think Globally, Act LocallySDGs Implementation through Local Governments” took place within the framework of 2018 UCLG ASPAC Executive Bureau from 10-12 April 2018 in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Essentially, the conference, that gathered local government leaders, representatives and other stakeholders, aimed to highlight and discuss the challenges faced by the local governments for localisation of SDGs and also to share exemplary practices, experiences in addressing such challenges regionally and worldwide. The identified prominent experts provided advice and guidance that focused on policy, technical approaches and measures to address the challenges for implementation of SDGs at local level for a sustainable development.


  • To inculcate relevant goals and targets of SDGs to the role of local government in localisation of SDGs.
  • To highlight issues for localisation and implementation of SDGs and the improvement of mechanisms through exemplary practices of the local governments.
  • To provide opportunities to the local governments representatives to develop partnerships on shared problems and create networks to exchange expertise to achieve the global goals through sustainable actions.


  • The conference provided a constructive environment to link the global goals to the local level of implementation. Best practices and the facilitation of cooperation linked to real examples on the ground will provide an inspiration for all participants to replicate success models, avoid mistakes and foster a common understanding within the community of local representatives.



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