Executive Committee Meeting August 2020

August 27, 2020 – LCA KP OFFICE


Executive committee meeting for the month of August, 2020 was held on August 27, 2020 in LCA KP head office where senior executive committee members participated (Annex A for Participants). The meeting aimed to discuss the sustainability plan for LCA KP and brainstorm the ideas on how to make LCA financially sustainable when the current project in June 2021 and discuss the work plan and way forward.

The meeting started with the recitation of Quran. President LCA KP Mr. Himayatullah Khan welcomed the participated and opened the agenda for discussion.

The most important point of the discussion was financial sustainability of LCA KP, the members discussed that what will be the future of the association when the current project ends? How will we sustain and bear the office expenses, after detail discussion and brainstorming and referring to financial sustainability report by Mr.Ivor wells, it was discussed that membership fee is not the only solution for sustainability, LCA KP should work on the at source fee deduction notification issued by Provincial government in 2016, Mr. Qasim Ali Shah is given task to meet the minister and discuss this issue and try to resolve it as soon as possible. Mr.Mayar requested CLFG to support LCA KP in writing quality proposals so that LCA KP can send them to different donors for funds and projects. It was discussed that Annual General Meeting of LCA KP should be called in the month of October to discuss important matters such as upcoming elections, work plan for year 2021, and other important LCA matters. The executive committee decided that board members along press and other Local Government officials will be invited for the meeting, it has been decided that meeting will take place in Peshawar and tentatively 100 members will participate in the event.  Councilors guide was presented in the meeting for discussion, the president and members appreciated the efforts of the project team and said that this guide will benefit those who are interested in upcoming LG election and requested the members to read it and then replicate the knowledge in their respected UCs and tehsils. Executive committee requested GIZ to continue their support with LCA and suggested that GIZ should work together with LCA KP in distribution of Covid 19 kits among the school children who are going to the schools on September 15, 2020. The members has decided to form a 3 member’s harassment committee for LCA KP, and it was decided that Miss Robeena, Mr Ali Haider and Mr. Qasim Ali Shah will be the members of the committee.

The meeting was closed by the president by requesting the members to participate in LCA KP meetings and ensure their attendance in future events.

Annex 1:

List of Participants – LCAKP

01Mr. Himayatullah KhanPresidentLCA KP
02Mr. Asif Ali JahGeneral SecretaryLCA KP
03Mr. Sanaullah KhanCoordinatorLCA KP
04Qasim Ali ShahVice PresidentLCA KP
05Mr. Ali HaiderInformation secretaryLCA KP
06Mr. Wasim AkramBoG MemberLCA KP
07Miss Robina ShaheenJoint SecretaryLCA KP


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