Annual General Meeting LCA-KP 2020

LCAKP held an Annual General Meeting today in collaboration with CLGF and LCAP. Many prominent personalities participated in the meeting that includes, Mr. Yousaf Ayub Khan – Ex President of ADLG and LCAKP, Mr. Himayat Ullah Khan – President LCAKP, Asif Ali Jah – General Secretary LCAKP and Qasim Ali Shah – Vice President LCAKP.

Mr. Himayat Ullah addressed the main points of the meeting after taking input from all local government members from various districts of KP; that includes financial sustainability of LCAKP other than the funded projects, Local government Act 2019 and its after effects, approval of Women Development Committee in the constitution of LCAKP and approval of LCAKP’s structure.

The meeting was further highlighted with the remarks of Mr. Yousaf Ayub Khan. He explained the importance of Local Government and supported local government elections. He suggested that TMA’s can support the long-term financial sustainability for LCAKP and he mentioned that he will play a key role in the approval for the allocation of these funds.

Local government Act 2013 (Amended-2019) was a matter of discussion today. Our leaders from various districts along with our President proposed that Local Government powers and responsibilities should be given to the elected representatives rather than the bureaucracy.

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Mr. Hamayt Ullah Mayar President LCA KP
Mr. Qasim Ali Shah Vise President LCA KP
Regestration of Participants
Mr Ali Haider Information Secretary LCA KP


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